Patron Jenny Dowell

Dr Jenny Dowell OAM, Lismore Mayor 2008 – 2016

Patron of RaH Dr Jenny Dowell OAM, Lismore Mayor 2008 – 2016

Dr Jenny Dowell

I am honoured to be a newly appointed patron of Remembering and Healing. Having been Mayor of Lismore in 2009 when RaH was founded, I have always been a strong supporter of the vision of this community led organisation committed to peace and inclusion.

From those early days with its desire to seek community healing from the wounds of war that are suffered by all participants and the generations that follow, RaH has also sought to celebrate diversity through understanding of difference in culture, religion and ways of living.

We know that the ‘us versus them’ divide that can be exploited in our nation, leads to fear, distrust and in some cases, violence. 

Northern Rivers Echo News about Jenny Dowell being our new patron

Northern Rivers Echo – 16/01/20

RaH’s work continues to be as relevant and important as it was ten years ago.

I will continue to support the efforts of RaH and others to quell those divisions, support those who feel excluded and share stories so that we all understand the unity, strength and beauty that can come through celebrating difference. 

Remembering and Healing is a deeply personal process but by working together, we can also ensure it happens at a community, national and global level too.

Peace be with you

Dr Jenny Dowell OAM